Colleague Modernization Plan

Ellucian Colleague is our administrative information system which comprises a suite of solutions for Academics (grades, scheduling, advising), Finance, Human Resources, and Advancement. Colleague is also sometimes referred to as WebAdvisor and Colleague Self-Service.

In early 2020, Virginia Wesleyan University entered into a bold plan with Ellucian to modernize our existing implementation of Colleague. The plan is built around two main objectives.

Project Objectives

The rise of cloud computing has made it advantageous for us to move from hosting Colleague on campus to instead move and run Colleague on the Ellucian Cloud. This will provide performance gains, increased reliability and free up staff resources for additional projects.

Moving to the cloud provides us the opportunity to move to the latest releases of the Ellucian platform. Built ‘mobile first’ the new Colleague Self Service environment provides a mobile friendly, responsive solution. Colleague Self Service’s ease of use combined with new functionality will help our students, faculty and staff accomplish important processes more effectively and efficiently.

Current Implementation Phase

Phase 3 - Migration and Testing

Implementation Phases

  1. Project Discovery
  2. Design and Configuration
  3. Migration and Testing
  4. Go Live in The Cloud
  5. Self Service Rollout
  6. Reporting and Analytics