Data Roles and Committee Members

Data Owner

Virginia Wesleyan University is the “Data Owner” of all institutional data. Areas and individuals on campus do not own any data, however, data stewards and data managers provide an important role in implementing policy as well as how they manage and create operational processes.

Data Stewards

”Data Stewards” are Virginia Wesleyan University staff who have policy and planning level responsibilities for their specific data subject area. Data stewards have a responsibility to work with each other to implement and support processes that benefit Virginia Wesleyan University as a whole, both operationally and analytically. Responsibilities include

  • The development or refinement of policies and standards to ensure operationally significant information is available, accurate, and up to date
  • Ensure their staff carries out university security practices relating to data governance
  • Active member of the Data Standards and Governance committee, accountable for meeting attendance and institutional decision making impacting data policy

Data Managers

The “Data Managers” work with their corresponding data stewards to implement operational-level procedures. They can be considered experts when it comes to understanding the data and therefore have the responsibility to

  • Collaborate with other departments to implement data integration to support university needs
  • Serve as primary technical liaison to support data integration initiatives
  • Respond to questions concerning data validity
  • Provide appropriate user support for the use of data
  • Carry out data steward responsibilities for specific data areas (if delegated)

Data Custodians

Members of the Malbon Center for Technology group will also serve as “Data Custodians”, working to provide a secure infrastructure in support of our data and core systems. Responsibilities include

  • physical security to core systems hosted by IT
  • backup and recovery processes for systems hosted by IT
  • secure transmission of data
  • ensure system availability and reasonable response times
  • install, configure, and patch core systems hosted by IT

Data User

A Virginia Wesleyan University department, individual Virginia Wesleyan University community member, or a third party affiliate who has been granted access by the Data Steward(s) associated to the data, in order to conduct university business.

The Committee Members

Committee Chair(s)

Dave Litteral

Data Stewards and Data Managers by Functional Area

Functional AreaData StewardData Manager(s)
Lori Harris
Michelle Lampley
Academic Affairs
Loren Marquez
Marion Hibbler, Nancy Rechkemer
Andrea Hoover
Patricia Doherty
Campus Life
Jason Seward
Kayleigh Poggioli
Colleague Core
Dave Litteral
Glenn Johnson, Jordan Allen
Brooke Novkovic
Cha Bess, Malleri Santiago
Financial Aid
Beth Koroleski
Kala Baskerville
Sylvia Schelly
Michele Hedspeth
Human Resources
Gina Barletta
Institutional Research
Shane Boyd
Courtney Knudsen
Rachael Burgess