How to Reset Your VWU Password

You are able to use email verification or answer your security questions to reset your VWU password.

  • Navigate to the Virginia Wesleyan University Account Portal reset page at
  • Enter your “Username” and the correct characters in the security picture (see below). Students: your “Username” will be your 7-digit student ID Faculty/Staff: your “Username” will be the front part of your VWU email address
  • Choose which method you would like to choose to reset your password. Use “Email Verification” if this is the first time opening your account. Enter the correct characters in the security picture and select "Continue"
If you choose Email Verification complete the steps below
  • Select your Personal account from the list
  • An email with link will be sent to your email
  • image
  • Select the link within the email to reset your password
    1. image
    2. Reset your password by filling the fields and then select "Reset password" Button.
    3. image
    4. Once password is reset a confirmation screen will appear and an email will be sent to you as well.
    5. image

      Now you are able to use your Network id and the new password you created through this process to login to VWU applications.

If you choose Security Questions complete the steps below
  • Fill in your answer to your question in the field
  • Reset your password by filling in the fields
    1. image
    2. Select the " Reset Password" button to receive conformation that your password has successfully changed
    3. image

Note: If you no longer have access to your secondary email account and are unable to answer your security questions, please contact the help desk so your secondary email can be updated