Setting up Favorite on VVX 411 Phone

Assign Contact as a Favorite

Favorites are the same as speed dial numbers. Any frequently dialed number can be assigned as a favorites button. There are 6 favorite buttons on each side of your screen for a total of 12 buttons. Any button that does not have an entry assigned can be used as a new favorite.
  1. Press the Directory key at the bottom of the screen.
  2. image
  3. Select Contact Directory > Add.

Use the arrow keys to move between fields.

  1. Using the keypad add:
    • a First Name and/or Last Name
    • a Contact Phone Number. The phone number can be an on campus 4 digit extension or a full 7-10 digit phone number.
The system will assign the favorite to the next available index number. To enter a different index number for your contact, scroll down to “Favorite Index” and type in an available number between 1 and 12 that has not been assigned.

4. Press Save. (press the left arrow key repeatedly to return to the main screen)

Contacts assigned a Favorites index number have a green star displayed next to their name in the Contact Directory. If your contact is not displaying on the main screen, check to make sure that an index number has been assigned.

To change the Favorites Index Number:

  1. Press Directory > Favorites > select the Favorite
  2. Press Info > Edit > scroll down to “Favorite Index” (if it does not have a green star) type in an available number.
  3. Press Save.