Faculty/Staff Mathematica Request:

  1. The Mathematica Request form should be prepopulated with the information you supplied when setting up your account on the Wolfram site.
    • Select your "department" from the drop down box
    • Make sure "Mathematica for Sites (Single Machine)" is selected in the product list
    • Select the latest version from the drop down list
    • Click SUBMIT

2. You should see the following confirmation that a key has been created.


3. You should also receive a confirmation email with your activation key and a download link for Mathematica.


Download and Activate Mathematica

Mathematica can be download by clicking on the "Product Summary Page" link in the confirmation from step #2 or by clicking on the download link specified in the confirmation email.

  1. Select the Download Manager for your operating system

2. On the "Download file Information" screen, Click on START DOWNLOAD