Printing from a VWU computer

When on a VWU owned Microsoft Windows computer you can print to a campus printer by using Papercut. This is the recommended printing solution for VWU.

Using Papercut to Print

  • When using an application of your choosing, select the printer titled "PaperCut on". The screenshot below is an example in Microsoft Word.
  • image
  • Once you select to print from your application, a ""Print Job Notification" screen will appear. Sometimes this may take a few moments. This screen will tell you how much your printing will cost and the account that will be charged. NOTE | Printing in "Greyscale" (Black and White) is much cheaper then color.
  • Click on "Print"
  • You will then receive a message stating your document(s) are waiting in queue
  • When you are ready for your documents to print, go to a printer and swipe your card to release the job(s). At this time your document will print.

Troubleshooting Papercut

  • The "PaperCut" application automatically loads when you login to a VWU computer running Microsoft Windows. You can check this by going down to your system tray at the bottom right of your monitor and hovering over the "P" icon. You may need to hit the "^" (Up arrow) to find the "P" icon.
  • image
  • If the "P" is not there then you will need to log in to "PaperCut". Do this by hitting your 'windows' key or by hitting the 'windows' logo at the bottom left of your desktop and start typing "Paper" in the search window. Then click on "Papercut MF Client"
  • image
  • Use your VWU credentials to log in
  • image
  • Once logged in, you can close the window and check if the "P" is in your system tray at the bottom right of your desktop
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