SPSS Home Version 27 @ Home - License Upgrade Instructions

SPSS is available for installation on personal computers for academic purposes to members of the Virginia Wesleyan community. You must use your VWU email address in order to access and download the software.
SPSS 27 @Home License Key has been updated and will expire December 31, 2022. The Updated License Key is located on google drive that is only accessible using your VWU email address. These instructions are for updating the license key only. If you need to Install SPSS 27, select Windows or OSX, download the software and follow the install instructions.

To Upgrade the License Key for your current SPSS 27:

If you are trying to access SPSS and receive something similar to the following, this is an indication that you are signed in with a non VWU email account. Look at the bottom where it shows the email address you are using. If it is not your VWU account, log into your VWU account and try again.