Blackboard is Virginia Wesleyan University's learning management system (LMS) where students and faculty interact and access course resources. Blackboard is available at In addition to the documentation below, Blackboard provides general help documentation on their website:

For Students

Post to a discussion
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For Faculty

Blackboard @ VWU - Processes to know

Blackboard Navigation Menu

Activity Stream
Courses Page

Getting started with your course

Copying an older course into an existing course
Copying individual content from one course to another
Grade center set-up
Making courses available to students
Merging course sections

Working in your course

Adding a new content area
Attendance in Blackboard
Blackboard & Microsoft Teams
Building content in your course
Create an assignment
Grade Submission from Blackboard via the ILP
Rubrics - Copying from another course
SmartEvals Links in Blackboard

Storage Space and Quotas

Blackboard Storage Space Policy
Checking your course quota usage
Download Course Gradebook
Export/Archive Course Backups
How to add "KEEP" or “DELETE” to course name
Sharing Large Files in Blackboard

Tests / Quizzes

Adding a test or quiz
Exporting/Importing Tests
Resetting a test or quiz
Importing a Test Pool