Adding a test or quiz

Instructors can use Blackboard's "Test" feature to build tests (or quizzes) for students to complete directly in the Blackboard environment.

The steps below highlight initiating test creation through Course Management; however, test creation can also be initiated within an individual content area under the course menu.

Creating a Quiz/Test

  1. From the Course Management menu, select Course Tools > Tests, Surveys, and Pools > Tests.

  1. Select Build Test and then enter a name, and optional description and/or instructions for students.
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  1. Adjust the Question Settings as necessary (e.g. default point values) before adding questions.
  2. Start building your test questions. You can reuse questions from a previous test and/or add new questions. To create a new question, select Create Question, choose a type and click OK.

  1. Each question type has a custom set of fields and options you can adjust based on your needs. Once you're satisfied with your selections, click Submit or Submit and Create Another if you are creating another question of the same type.
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  1. From the "Test Canvas," you can reorder questions, add questions, and edit as needed. Once you've made all of your adjustments, select OK.

Deploying the Test to a Content Area

  1. Add the test to the content area of your choice (e.g. Quizzes) by selecting Test from the Assessments menu, then choosing the test you created from the existing tests list.
  1. Specify test options and make it available to students. These can be edited via the dropdown menu next to the test.
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    You must make the test available in Test Options in order for students to access the test.

    Test options you can set include, but are not limited to:

    • Allowing multiple attempts
    • Setting a timer
    • Forcing completion in one sitting
    • Setting a date range and due date
    • Customizing feedback to student

  1. Verify test availability.
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More Information

You can find additional resources on the Blackboard website.