Blackboard & Microsoft Teams

There are two ways instructors can share Microsoft Teams meeting links with students in Blackboard:

Microsoft Teams LTI Integration

Step-by-step documentation for setting up a Teams meeting using the LTI tool are available from Blackboard.

Ability to create meeting directly in Blackboard
Cannot easily create recurring meetings
Session is automatically added to course calendar
Meetings are added to the first content folder in Course menu by default (but can be moved later)

Considerations for using LTI integration

  • Before creating a meeting, add a “Teams Meeting” content folder to the top of course menu.
  • Edit the meeting link options to Open in New Window (i.e. select “yes’’)
  • By default users will NOT be able to access the meeting until meeting start time by default. This can be changed in the meeting link options.

Share Meeting Link Created in Google Calendar

See instructions for Creating a Teams Meeting from Google calendar to learn how to generate a link to then share with students in Blackboard.

Can easily create reoccurring meetings associated with one link
Meetings do not appear in course calendar automatically
Can add to an announcement or directly to any content area.
Must edit link to open in a new window; otherwise user will receive an error message

Considerations when sharing meeting link from Google calendar

  • Make sure the link is set to open in a new window
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