Export/Archive Course Backups

As an instructor, it is possible to create zip file back-ups of courses. This is a good option for instructors who would like to preserve data for courses scheduled for deletion. Compressed files can later be imported back into Blackboard if content needs to be accessed.


EXPORT - Use to preserve course materials that will be used again with a new group of students.

  • Creates a ZIP file course content that that can later be imported as a package into a new course. The export course feature does NOT include any users or user interactions with the course.
  • Packages can be imported into new course (Courage Management > Packages and Utilities > Import Package / View Logs) by instructor

ARCHIVE - Use to maintain record of a course AND user interactions. Not intended for teaching the course again.

  • Creates a frozen snapshot of a course. An archive includes all the content, course statistics, users, and course interactions, such as blog posts, discussions, attendance data, and grades.
  • Requires Blackboard administrator help to restore course.

Additional details about archiving and exporting available on the Blackboard Help Page

Steps to download Archive or Export .zip


Do NOT unzip a course package once downloaded. Only zipped files can be imported.