Merging course sections

Blackboard has the ability to merge multiple course sections into one course. Below is relevant information from Blackboard's website. Please be aware that courses that already have student submissions should not be requested to be merged as the content will be lost.
Instructors who teach multiple sections of the same course may prefer to manage those sections through a single parent course with associated child courses. Active courses—courses with student submissions—should never be made into a child course of a merge course relationship. In the course listing, parent and child courses are always displayed together. Child courses are indicated by an up arrow in the status column, pointing to the parent course. New content must be managed from the parent course. Child courses are marked as unavailable, but can be managed through the parent course.

How To

Merging courses is a function that only a Blackboard administrator can do. Please contact the IT Helpdesk if you would like to have courses merged. Provide the course ID numbers and which course you would like to be made the parent.