SafeAssign is our plagiarism detection software that is embedded into Blackboard Learn SaaS.

Two options exist for faculty utilization of the SafeAssign Tool. Both options will produce an originality report for the Instructor. The Instructor can determine whether to share the originality report with their student in the SafeAssign settings.

  1. Set up SafeAssign within an Assignment
  2. Submit a single suspicious paper into Safe Assign through Direct Submit

Set up SafeAssign within an Assignment

  • Under any content area on your Blackboard course menu, Click on Assessments and Select Assignment.

  • For an existing Assignment open Submissions Details


  1. Assignment Type: Select Individual Submission or Group Submission

Note: for a group submission the Groups feature inside Blackboard must already have class members identified in established groups. The final grade will also be shared with all group members.

2. Enter Number of Attempts: There are three options

  • Single Attempt
  • Multiple Attempts - enter a number of attempts to be allowed and select which attempt will be graded from the drop down list.
  • For Unlimited Attempts - only select which attempt will be graded from the drop down list.

  • Set availability dates and click Submit


3. Plagiarism Originality Reports: When the Assignment is opened for grading, click to open the originality report. Click View Originality Report


Use Direct Submit to Submit a Single Assignment or Paper to SafeAssign