Submitting grades from Blackboard through the Intelligent Learning Platform (ILP)

Why upload grades via the ILP?

Taking advantage of the Blackboard Grade Center and ILP integration tool for entry of final grades streamlines the grade submission process. Should the instructor choose, it also allows students to view their final grades in Blackboard before they're released by the Registrar's office in WebAdvisor.

Steps to posting grades via the ILP

  • Navigate to the Full Grade Center in your Blackboard course to finalize your grades (Course Management > Grade Center > Full Grade Center).
  • Verify that the GREEN CHECK MARK is on the column you intend to upload through the ILP as the final grade. This might be the Weighted Total or Total column. IF you need to change this, select "Set as External Grade" on the appropriate column.

  • Next, from the Course Management menu, click on Course Tools and then ILP Integration.
  • Verify and edit the final grade data for submission. Select the Final Grades tab
  • Visible Groups: Select your course section from the drop-down menu. Any other groups appearing in your list originate from the "Groups" section of your course, which may have been copied over from a previous course.
  • 💡

    If you have merged two course sections in Blackboard, the ILP will force you to submit grades separately for the enrollments in each shell. The "child" course grades require manual entry.

  • Then, choose Final Grade from the "Populate final grade..." drop-down menu.
  • Make adjustments to grades as needed and remove any I (incomplete) grades.
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    Leave the final grade field BLANK for an INCOMPLETE (contact the Registrar directly to report the I grade - include student name and course information) VWU does not award the grade of A+. Entry will cause an error.

  • Do NOT populate any of the other fields on the ILP INTEGRATION FORM – ONLY FINAL GRADE.
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    Utilize WebAdvisor for C- reports, grading with rubric, or attendance reporting.

  • If you make an error, click the button to CLEAR THE FORM and click CANCEL.
  • Once you are satisfied with the grades as posted to the ILP Integration form click Submit. Do NOT hit the submit button multiple times, it may take some time. When the grades have processed you will see a submission confirmation at the top of the screen. You can also see the submitted grades on WebAdvisor.