Using the Interactive Projector Tools

The Epson Interactive Projector provides interactive tools to increase student engagement.

Using the Interactive Toolbar

  • Whiteboard mode: The toolbar appears on a blank surface, background image, or pattern.
  • Annotation mode: The toolbar appears on a projected image.
  • Mouse mode: The toolbar appears on a projected image and you can interact with your desktop to open applications, access links, and control scroll bars.

Toolbar Features

Productivity tools allow you to create a digital whiteboard, project, and interact with content:

You can move the toolbar by clicking and dragging it to the desired location.

Whiteboard Mode

To draw, highlight, insert text, add shapes, and clone objects in whiteboard mode:

Write or draw on the projection surface, image. or background pattern (e.g. line or graph paper), with an interactive pen or finger.


Pen Features

To turn on a pen, tap the pen tip or press the power/function button:


You can use either pen, or both pens at the same time (one in each color).

For the best performance, hold the pen perpendicular to the board. Do not cover the black section near the tip of the pen.

Whiteboard Function
Pen Action
Draw on the projected screen
Tap the pen and drag to draw
Switch the pen from draw to erase
Press the power/function button
The pen turns off automatically after 20 minutes of inactivity. If the battery is low, the battery light flashes continuously.

Other Tools: Whiteboard Mode


Using Whiteboard Mode video highlights:

  • Drawing on the whiteboard
  • Inserting background pattern or image
  • Managing pages
  • Saving and exporting
  • Using the Tool Panel (open file, print, shade, highlight the screen)

Annotation Mode

To write or draw on the interactive screen in annotation mode:

Annotation Function
Pen/Finger Action
Select a projected item, such as an icon
Tap the projection surface
Draw on the projected screen
Tap and drag to draw
Move the pointer
Hover over the surface without touching it
Switch the pen from draw to erase
Press the power/function button

Mouse Mode

To operate the computer from the interactive screen:

Mouse function
Pen/Finger Action
Tap board
Tap twice
Press pen button/ Tap & hold finger for 3 seconds
Move cursor
Hover over the board without touching it
Click & drag
Tap & hold the item, then drag

Other Tools: Annotation/Mouse Mode


Using Annotation & Mouse Modes video highlights:

  • Using Annotation mode
  • Saving and Exporting
  • Using Mouse Mode (clears existing screen)
  • Using the Tools Panel (print, enlarge, shade, highlight, keyboard)

Saving Files

To save your screen or pages as PDF, image, or interactive files in your Documents > Easy Interactive Tools folder, select the Save icon on the toolbar.

Easy Interactive Tools names your file automatically. The default file type selection is .eit

To select the location and format for saving:


Other Tools: Settings



  • Select the location, file name, and file type. You can save all your screens and pages as one PDF file.
  • If you want to select different settings each time you save, select the Check when saving checkbox.
  • Select OK to close the Settings window.
If you plan to edit a file, save it as an .eit file.