Clarke 214 and 215

Using the Interactive Projector
  • Turn on white Epson box on wall near the instructor station.

  • If using the desktop computer, login with VWU network information. Click #1 on the Epson box if desktop screen does not display automatically on projector.
    • Duplicated Display Mode and Extended Display Mode shortcuts are on the desktop.
  • If connecting laptop, connect with USB-A and HDMI cables connected to the Epson box. Otherwise, just select ”Whiteboard” mode to use as whiteboard only.
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Projector Controls

  • Bottom Right
    1. image
    2. PC Interactivity ON: Allows user to control laptop screen from projector. Does not allow annotation.
    3. PC Interactivity OFF: Does not allow user to control laptop screen from project. Allows annotation.
  • Center Controls
  • image

  • Bottom Left
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