Windows Video Editor (in Photos App)


Video editing software ranges widely in terms of cost and capabilities. For basic video editing functions on a Microsoft Windows system, we recommend using the built in video editor, part of the "Photos" application.

Editing a single video in "Photos"

  • Navigate to the folder with the video file and right-click on the name of the file. Click "Open with," and then "Photos.” Alternatively, open the file through the "Photos" application from "Windows" button/menu
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  • Click "Edit & Create" (near the top right of the window). From the dropdown, you have several editing options, including "Trim," "Add 3D effects,” and "Add animated text."
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Combining and editing multiple videos into a single file

  • Open the Photos app and select the “Video Editor.”

  • Select “New video project” and then name the video project.

  • Click “add” to upload individual video files from one of the following repositories:
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    From this PC
    From my collection
    From the web

  • Uploaded video files will appear under the “Project library”. To combine, drag and drop them into the “Storyboard” in the order in which they should appear once combined.

  • Edit individual video clips in the Storyboard as needed. The blue indicator bar under the preview of the video clip identifies which video is selected for editing.
  • The video on the top right provides a preview of the combined clips.

Editing Options

Title Card





3D Effects


  • Select “Finish Video” on top right once editing is completed to combine all clips into a single video file.