Suppress Teams notifications when I am in a meeting

At it's core, Teams is a collaboration platform that relies on people communicating, but sometimes you may want to hide notifications from popping up while in a meeting or when you're presenting.  Instead of having to close Microsoft Teams or change your default notifications settings, there is an even easier way to temporarily suppress notifications.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Click on your user silhouette located at the top right of Microsoft Teams
  2. Click on your current communication "status"
  3. Select "Do not disturb"

What's the difference between "Do not disturb" status and the "Busy" status? The statuses are meant to help give your colleagues an idea on your availability. By setting your status to "Busy" you are telling them that you may be preoccupied and unable to respond back immediately. Choosing "Do not disturb" takes "Busy" one step further and will prevent popup notifications from happening on your devices. It is up to you to remember to go back in and change your availability off of "Do not disturb" otherwise you will be unaware of colleagues trying to reach you.