Why do I not get notified of a message in Microsoft Teams?

There are a few scenarios where you won't get notified automatically within Microsoft Teams.  This is by design, but the application gives you the ability to manage how you wish to be notified

Scenario 1 - I am not receiving notifications of messages from a "team"

"Teams" within Microsoft Teams are meant to be a place to conduct work, brainstorm on new ideas, and a place to have some fun conversations.  Each "team" can have multiple channels within it to help organize these conversations.  Because of this, each user has the ability to decide on what channels they wish to be notified on, and which ones they don't.  By default, all channels are set to not notify you.

Enable notifications for channels in a "team"

  1. Open up Microsoft Teams and click on the "Teams" tab,
  2. Click on the arrow (">") beside your team name, to expand your team to see all available channels
  3. For each channel you wish to follow, click on the "..." beside the channel name and select "Channel notifications >" and then choose "All Activity"

Following a Channel Screenshot


Scenario 2 - I am using the mobile app, but it doesn't notify me of a new message

This can happen when you have Microsoft Teams open on another computer.  By default, Microsoft Teams will notify you on the computer (if open) and not on your phone.  To set the mobile app to always notify you, do the following steps...

  • Open up your Microsoft Teams mobile app, and from any main screen select the (main menu) icon
  • Select "Settings"
  • Select "Notifications"
  • Select "Always even if active on desktop"

Scenario 3 - You have your status set to "Do not disturb"

Suppress Teams notifications when I am in a meeting