2021 Goals

💻Colleague Modernization Plan

Colleague is our campus ERP solution comprising our student information, financial, and advancement platforms. The project focuses on us moving to the cloud and transitioning to the latest releases. The Colleague Modernization will benefit faculty, staff and students leading to greater efficiencies, new functionality, and increased platform reliability. Supported Values - A Solid Foundation, Invest in our Future
  • Objective 1: Migration to Ellucian Cloud (August 2021)
  • Objective 2: Self Service Launch (Spring 2022)
  • Objective 3: Reporting and Analytics Enhancements (Fall 2022)

🎓 Classroom Technology Enhancements

Through two special campus initiatives IT will help support the enhancement of classroom spaces with state of the art facilities, from a digital media studio and second esports arena to new classrooms focusing on business, economics, and computer science Supported Values - Support Learning, Invest in our Future
  • Objective 1: Beverly Hall (Spring 2021)
  • Objective 2: Clarke Hall (Summer 2021)

📰 MyBeacon Portal and Mobile App

The new MyBeacon Portal will be a hub to access an ecosystem of applications as well as stay current on what's happening on campus. The portal is meant to bring information and people together, helping to foster our strong community. The MyBeacon mobile app will be an extension of the portal, providing the same core values in a friendly mobile app experience. Supported Values - A Solid Foundation, Invest in our Future, Inclusivity with Technology
  • Objective 1: Portal Launch (Spring 2021)
  • Objective 2: Mobile App Launch (Summer 2021)

Helpdesk Relations

The IT Helpdesk strives to be a place where the VWU community feels welcome and comfortable reaching out for support, expertise, and partnership. We will quantitatively measure our work with the community in the following ways. Supported Values - A Solid Foundation
  • Objective 1: Achieve 95% or better in customer service satisfaction
  • Objective 2: Achieve 95% or better in initial ticket response being within one business day

IT Website and Knowledge Base

Faculty, staff, and students currently have no way to find self help for IT services provided by the Malbon Center for Technology. Our community seeks help by a.) contacting the IT Helpdesk by phone or email, b.) through word of mouth, or c.) relying on past experiences on who they feel is best to reach out to. Meanwhile our IT Helpdesk is stretched responding to service incidents and requests in a timely fashion. A knowledge base will give our campus constituents a way to find immediate help for their most common problems. Additionally, the website can help promote who we are, showcase what we do, helping us to be proactive instead of reactive. Supported Values - A Solid Foundation
  • Objective 1: Communicate website launch and launch with "About Us" section, "Contact Us" section, and ten documented knowledge base services (Spring 2021)
  • Objective 2: Twenty-five documented knowledge base services (Start of Fall Semester 2021)