Supported Software and Tools

The Malbon Center for Technology provides documentation and support for a suite of software and tools that can be used by faculty, staff, and students. The table below is not a complete list, instead focuses on the most widely used and available software to our community.

This table is subject to change

Recommended & Supported
Limited Support
Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge
Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox
Chat and Collaboration (Group/Team Chat, P2P Chat)
Email - Mobile Devices
Google Mail App (App Store, Google Play Store)
Forms / Surveys
Mobile Devices
Android, iOS*
Operating System
Microsoft Windows 10
ChromeOS, Microsoft Windows 11, MacOS**
Personal Calendar
Productivity - Desktop
Productivity - Cloud
Google Docs, Google Drive
Reporting Tools
Video Conferencing

* Assistance provided for setting up MFA and accessing Google Mail on personal devices

** Assistance provided on connecting to the campus network on personal devices