2022 Goals

💻Colleague Modernization Plan

Colleague is our campus ERP solution comprising our student information, human resources, financial, and advancement platforms. The project focuses on us moving to the cloud and transitioning to the latest releases. The Colleague Modernization will benefit faculty, staff, and students leading to greater efficiencies, new functionality, and increased platform reliability. Supported Values - A Solid Foundation, Invest in our Future
  • Objective 1: Migration to Ellucian Cloud
  • Objective 2: Self-Service Launch
  • Objective 3: Reporting and Analytics Enhancements

⚠ Project Replaced - The migration to Ellucian Cloud proved to be unattainable. However, taking on this project has led us to select Oracle Fusion Cloud as our next University ERP.

📚 Blackboard Ultra Migration

Blackboard Learn is VWU's LMS (Learning Management System). The "Ultra" interface is an upgrade that will enhance usability for both faculty and students with its sleek, modern interface and "mobile-first" design. These features will improve accessibility and provide easy access to the most important information with fewer clicks. Following Blackboard's recommendations, we will transition to Ultra in two phases. Supported Values - A Solid Foundation, Support Learning, Invest in our Future
  • Objective 1: Adopt Ultra Base Navigation (January 2022)

✔️ Success - enabled 12/20/21

  • Objective 2: Adopt Ultra Course View (Fall 2022)

⚠Paused - Chose to wait for added functionality to be developed by the vendor before migrating

🔐 Implement Multi-factor Authentication

Multi-Factor authentication adds an additional layer of security to password-protected applications in our environment by requiring an additional authentication method beyond a password. These additional authentication methods typically rely on something the end-user has (i.e. a Phone, a Security Token, or a secondary email address). These additional factors make it far more difficult for an attacker to gain unauthorized access to a system. They will no longer be able to rely on just gaining a user’s password through phishing attacks. Supported Values - A Solid Foundation, Invest in our Future
  • Objective 1: Analyze end-user impact and determine a suitable timetable for MFA rollout

✔️ Success - completed Spring 2022

  • Objective 2: Roll out MFA to campus applications based on security needs

✔️ Success - completed Fall 2022

🙋‍♂️Innovative Ticketing System

Ticketing systems are the core to making the helpdesk successful. With a new innovative system, users will get the ultimate experience with easy-to-use features and an easier way to stay connected with the helpdesk. Supported Values - A Solid Foundation
  • Objective 1: Research and create a list of 3 systems that will fit the needs of the helpdesk
  • Objective 2: Configure the new system and create customizations
  • Objective 3: Determine a time frame to roll out to campus
  • ✔️ Project was initially delayed, but a new ticketing system that met our needs was selected and implemented in Spring 2023

👩‍🎓 Enhancing IT Student Work Study Program

Student workers help the helpdesk run like a smooth machine by expanding their knowledge the students will become more confident in handling more complex issues on their own. This will also help them to make connections with the topics and theories learned in class. Students will complete a series of free online modules, Research and configure network switch along with a host of other activities. Supported Values - Inclusivity with Technology, Support Learning
  • Objective 1: Students will complete modules on Cybrary.it
  • Objective 2: Students will research and configure a networking switch

📊 Dashboards for Network Performance and Internet Utilization

Network performance and utilization are keys to maintaining an environment that is responsive to the ever increasing IT infrastructure needs of the institution. Extreme Management Center (XMC) gives visibility into the areas that are most heavily used and provide data that will help to identify and plan where future upgrades are needed. PRTG is a tool used to identify Internet traffic and bandwidth utilization and like XMC will help to determine where or if changes are needed. Supported Values - A Solid Foundation, Invest in our Future
  • Objective 1: XMC Customize report identifying top 5 areas of utilization (Spring 2022)
  • Objective 2: XMC Customize dashboard reflecting top 5 areas of utilization (Spring 2022)
  • Objective 3: PRTG Customize report identifying Internet traffic utilization (Spring 2022)
  • Objective 4: PRTG Customize dashboard reflecting Internet traffic utilization (Spring 2022)

📈 Dashboard for Security Awareness Training Participation

Security Awareness training is the first step in creating a culture of users who understand the significance they play in helping to combat information security breaches. The importance of security awareness extends beyond VWU. It touches every area of our lives. In Fall 2021 VWU launched a Security Awareness training program utilizing the SecurityIQ platform. SecurityIQ provides monthly training sessions covering various aspects of organizational and personal security. This training is designed to equip the end user with the knowledge to help identify potential threats and protect confidential information. Supported Values - A Solid Foundation, Invest in our Future
  • Objective 1: Launched Security Awareness Training Program (September 2021)
  • Objective 2: Customize reports based upon participation (Spring 2022)
  • Objective 3: Customize dashboards showing participation statistics (Spring 2022)