Account Retention Policy


This policy is to define the length of time a person has access to their Virginia Wesleyan University email and university network accounts. This policy serves to maintain the security, affordability, and efficiency of the Virginia Wesleyan University network.

Faculty and staff should not use VWU accounts for personal use.  It is the sole responsibility of the individual to back up any files or emails prior to account removal.


This policy applies to all faculty, staff, alumni, students, prospective students, emeriti, and vendors that have university network accounts.


Faculty, Staff, and Vendors

  • Accounts are deactivated the same day as the termination date, retire date, or last work date (whichever is more recent).
  • Accounts are purged 180 days (six months) from the deactivation date.
  • For vendor accounts specifically, termination can apply to the individual being terminated by the vendor or Virginia Wesleyan University’s termination of the vendor relationship.


  • Emeriti will continue to have their university email and applicable network login accounts. 


  • Accounts are deactivated 60 days from their date of graduation.
  • Accounts are purged 180 days (six months) from their date of graduation.


  • For students who do not re-enroll, accounts are deactivated and purged after the add/drop period in the third consecutive semester of non-enrollment, approximately one year in time.

Prospective Students

  • Prospective students who do not matriculate will have their account deactivated and purged after the second semester of non-enrollment.


  • Individuals in more than one role that transition out of a role will retain access to their accounts needed for their remaining role(s). For example, a staff member who is also taking courses would continue to have their email and network account if their employment ends and they continue as a student.
  • In certain situations or circumstances, accounts may be kept longer than defined purge timeframe.

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* This policy is subject to change at the discretion of the University.