Blackboard Storage Space Policy

Blackboard is our campus learning management system and provides a wide set of specialized features to enhance the learning environment at VWU. To manage the Blackboard environment efficiently, a disk storage limit of 2 GB exists for each course. Courses older than three years are also subject for deletion.

Media files, especially video files can take a significant amount of disk space. Additionally hosting files in a Blackboard course space could go against copyright law. Blackboard storage space should be reserved for features and tools that only operate inside the platform such as quizzes or exams, discussions, rubrics, wikis or journals, rather than large video or audio files. The preferred solution is to link out to existing media files elsewhere, or to use an alternative hosting option for media files. View the "Related Links" section below for additional help in using another hosting solution.

Course Limit

Course sizes are limited to 2GB of storage.

Course Deletion

Courses over three years old that do not have "KEEP" added to the title will be subject for deletion. Two weeks after the semester end date on the Academic Calendar, courses over three years are subject for deletion.

For example, in December of the Fall 2021 semester, Fall 2020 & Fall 2019 will be kept, yet anything Fall 2018 or older would be deleted.

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