Faculty/Staff New Computer Technology and Computer Repair Procedure

New Computer Technology Requests


All IT equipment purchases are paid through the requesting area's budget and therefore need budget approval from the area (administrative department or Academic Affairs) requesting the technology. To help facilitate the purchasing process, IT will work with VWU approved vendors to provide accurate quotes for technology to meet the specific needs. If the approving area chooses to move forward, IT will provide basic setup and configuration of the technology.


Repair Requests


If a system is under warranty, we will facilitate the repair of the system by working with the proper vendor.

Not under Warranty

Upon request, IT will review university owned systems and determine if there is a repair need and if a repair is possible. IT can deem repairs to be the approved direction, or IT can deem the repairs to not be able or worthwhile and recommend a new solution.

  • If a repair is the recommendation, IT will provide cost estimates to the area for budget approval.
  • If a new system is the recommendation, IT will follow the process outlined in the above "New Computer Technology Requests" section