Clarke 118 - Innovation Theatre

The dual-projector system is primarily operated via the touch-screen control panel on the instructor podium.


Start Presentation: Camera position defaults to instructor podium.

Start Lightboard Presentation: Camera position defaults to Lightboard.

Confidence Monitors

The two monitors attached to the first row of seating (in front of the instructor station) provide the presenter with a view of what the audience sees. The left monitor mirrors projector 1 and the right monitor mirrors projector 2.

Source Select


Drag and drop sources between top row and projector 1 and 2 to control displays.

  • IF using instructor station desktop computer
    • To use SOUND, “Computer Desktop” icon must be dragged to Projector 2.
    • Selecting Duplicated Display Mode shortcut on instructor station desktop will display same image on all 3 screens
    • Selecting Extended Display Mode shortcut icon on instructor station desktop will allow displaying multiple windows across the 2 projectors displays.
      • Recommended set-up on control panel is Extended Desktop on Projector 1, Computer Desktop on Projector 2 to allow sound to play. Drag and drop windows left to right from desktop to projectors (use confidence monitors).
  • IF connecting a laptop via HDMI
    • To use SOUND, laptop icon must be dragged to Projector 2. Laptop sound output must be set to Crestron 420.
    • To duplicate display on both projectors, drag and drop same source to projector 1 and 2.
    • To only use a single projector, drag source from projector 1 or 2 to top row.
    • Will not be able to display two different windows from laptop on Projectors 1 & 2

Control volume from bottom of control panel.

Document camera also needs to be turned on separately. See labels on the machine itself, located at the end of the instructor station.

Camera Controls


It is recommended to use presets rather than manually adjusting pan/tilt, focus, & zoom.

  • Preset 1 - Camera positioned on Lightboard
  • Preset 2 - Camera positioned on instructor podium
  • Preset 3 - Camera positioned on front of the room between projector

Room Lights


All On and All Off options respond quickly, but users may need to hold down all other buttons for 5-10 seconds before the settings change.
  • Preset 1 (brightest preset): Front 1, Front 2, Track, Left Side, Right Side, Low Voltage
  • Preset 2: Track, Left Side, Right Side, Low Voltage
  • Preset 3: (dimmest preset): Front 2 Low Voltage, Left Side, Right Side


Turn lights on with dial (right side of board when standing behind desk) to adjust brightness.

Move chalkboard behind Lightboard to the right for better contrast on the black curtain.

Use provided Expo NEON markers for best contrast. Towel provided to erase with glass cleaner as needed.

Power Equipment Off

Select the power button on bottom left of interactive screen and then "Confirm" on pop up menu.

If utilized, turn off lightboard and document projector.