Clarke 218 - One Button Recording Studio

The One Button Recording Studio offers instructors the opportunity to record engaging instructional videos using Revolution Lightboard technology. Instructors can record themselves with or without an overlay presentation in the background, while annotating on the clear glass lightboard in front of them. The result is an engaging video that brings all of these pieces together, while also fostering personal connection between the instructor and students.

It is recommended you wear light colored clothing when recording for best contrast against the black background.

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How to reserve the One Button Recording Studio

Contact Rachel Bargery (, Administrative Assistant to the VP of Academic Affairs, to reserve time in the One Button Recording Studio and obtain the room code.

Please plan to bring a USB Flash Drive to the recording session.

One-Button Recording Studio Instructions

Watch this introductory video of the space and review the instructions below.


  • Turn camera, TVs and lightboard “on” using the white button on the side of lightboard. You will see yourself on the top TV monitor.
  • image
  • Log on to desktop computer with your VWU network login.
  • Optional: Drag any overlays you intend to use over to the top TV monitor by moving the overlay window from left to right on the extended displays. The window will move from the desktop monitor > bottom TV monitor > top TV monitor. You may also choose to leave presentation notes on the bottom TV monitor.
  • 💡
    See overlays page for more info on adding text/images to your presentation.
  • Turn off lights in room for best quality recording.
  • image

  • Press “Sign” button to light up “Recording” sign outside room to prevent disruptions.
    • A blue light will trace the entire diameter of the button, followed by a flashing green light to indicate the light turned on/off.

Start Recording

  • Insert USB drive into Revolution lightboard box and follow instructions on box.
  • 💡
    Best practice is to create multiple shorter recordings rather than one large one for easier editing. Instructions for combining mp4 files post-production are available on the recording resources page.
  • Remove USB and insert into desktop computer to retrieve the mp4 file.
  • Upload to cloud storage: Microsoft One Drive or Google Drive.

Shutting Down Equipment

Please be sure to shut down all equipment before leaving the room.

  • Press “Off” buttons on the white lightboard button
  • Press Sign button again, verify light is off on your way out the door.

Interactive Projector Instructions

Power On

  • Turn on white Epson box on wall to the right of the projector.
  • image

  • If connecting laptop, connect with USB-A and HDMI cables connected to the Epson box. Otherwise, just select ”Whiteboard” mode to use as whiteboard only.
  • image

Projector Controls

  • Bottom Right
    1. image
    2. PC Interactivity ON: Allows user to control laptop screen from projector. Does not allow annotation.
    3. PC Interactivity OFF: Does not allow user to control laptop screen from project. Allows annotation.
  • Center Controls
  • image
  • Bottom Left
  • image

How to email annotations to PDF

Users can email a PDF screenshot of annotations made on the projector.

Apple users will only be able to email annotations made on the whiteboard. Screenshots of the computer screen do not comply with Apple’s content protection protocol and will generate the error: “Projected image is protected.”
  • Step 1: Select the mail icon as shown in the image above
  • Step 2: Select the email address field.
  • image
  • Step 3: If there is already an email address entered under “Destination Address,” select the address and then “Edit” to change it to your own. If there are no existing email addresses, select “Add” and enter your email. Then, hit close.
  • image
  • Step 4: Verify your email address is in the email address field, then click send.
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