How to use the Interactive Projector

Turn on the white Epson box on wall near the instructor station.


  • If using the desktop computer, login with VWU network information. Click #1 on the Epson box if desktop screen does not display automatically on projector.
    • Duplicated Display Mode and Extended Display Mode shortcuts are on the desktop.
  • If connecting laptop, connect with USB-A and HDMI cables connected to the Epson box. Click #2 on the Epson box. Otherwise, just select ”Whiteboard” mode to use as whiteboard only.
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Projector Controls

  • Bottom Right
    1. image
    2. PC Interactivity ON: Allows user to control laptop screen from projector. Does not allow annotation.
    3. PC Interactivity OFF: Does not allow user to control laptop screen from project. Allows annotation.
  • Annotation
  • image

  • Bottom Left
  • image

Email Whiteboard pages

Users can email a PDF screenshot of the whiteboard from on the projector.

Apple users will only be able to email the whiteboard. Screenshots of the computer screen do not comply with Apple’s content protection protocol and will generate the error: “Projected image is protected.”
  • Step 1: Select the mail icon as shown in the image above
  • Step 2: Select the email address field.
  • image
  • Step 3: If there is already an email address entered under “Destination Address,” select the address and then “Edit” to change it to your own. If there are no existing email addresses, select “Add” and enter your email. Then, hit close.
  • image
  • Step 4: Verify your email address is in the email address field, then click send

Make the most out of the Interactive Projector display, annotation, and whiteboard tools.
Using the Interactive Projector Tools