Solstice Pod Wireless Presentation

How to get Solstice Pod to Connect

  1. "Enter" the web address under the "Connect To Web" prompt displayed on the Solstice pod.
  2. "Click" to download the Solstice app
  3. Once the app has finished downloading, "run the app" to begin connecting to the Solstice screen. (if the app does not work, click on the link to run in browser mode.)
  4. If prompted allow Solstice to record your screen and audio on your computer

Once inside the Solstice App follow the instructions on your "Computer Screen" to "Enter your Name"

Alternative method to connect

  1. In the Solstice App you will be able to see all other Solstice Pods, "Click" on the one you would like to project to. "Enter Display URL". The "URL" can be "located" for the Solstice Pod in the "bottom left" of the "Solstice Screen".
  1. Once you have entered the URL you will be prompted to "enter the Display key", it will be the "4 digit number" located in the "bottom left" of the Solstice Screen.
  1. After the URL and Key have been entered. You are ready to "Share" with the Solstice pod!

Customizing the Layout for Solstice

  1. You can control the layout of what is displayed under the "Layout tab"
  2. The column on the "Left" allows you to "Hide" different media from the projection. While the "Large Box" in the "middle" is, what is "Showing" on the Solstice pod.
  3. Clicking the "Paper Airplane" in the "bottom right corner" allows you to "Add Media" to the layout screen.

How to Create Meetings through Solstice

  1. Under the "Meeting Control" tab in the bottom left corner of your screen will allow you to "Create Meetings". (make sure you are "Moderating" your meeting to allow and deny others from joining and displaying on the Solstice pod).
  1. Click "Start Multi-Room Session"

3. "Enter Meeting Name" then "Click Start Multi-Room Session".


4.  Click the "Invite Tab" to invite others to the meeting.

Exiting out of Solstice

Once finished sharing with Solstice pod, click Stop Sharing at the top of your screen. Then in the solstice app or web browser version click Disconnect.